Real estate investment financing

Are you looking for financing for your investment properties, such as houses, apartments or student rooms that are rented or to be rented out? Is it about purchasing new investment properties, refinancing a current mortgage or do you want to use the excess value of leased properties to grow further? Financing commercial real estate that is leased or owned by your company is also possible, such as a retail store, office space, practice space or hospitality facility!

Verbeek Vastgoedfinanciering is the specialized intermediary in financing with leased real estate as collateral. Thanks to years of experience, good relationships with various banks and an extensive network, you can count on a quick analysis and a clear answer to your issue. During the application process, you will be guided expertly and transparently from start to finish.

Even after completion of your application, Verbeek Vastgoedfinanciering can help you with all real estate-related issues, for example, a second opinion on an extension proposal from your current bank, research into yield improvement or restructuring of your portfolio.

Verbeek Realty Finance's relationships include:

  • Experienced real estate investors (box 3) with multiple investment properties owned
  • Real estate companies with a portfolio of leased properties
  • Entrepreneurs who purchase real estate and resell (after value addition) to investors or individuals
  • Real estate developers constructing new buildings or transforming existing properties intended for rental or sale. More information on financing options can be found here

Contact us soon to discuss the possibilities! Verbeek Vastgoedfinanciering's general terms and conditions apply to all of its services.

Financing project development

Are you looking for financing for a large- or small-scale new construction or transformation project? Are you actively developing or transforming property with the intention of reselling it or holding it as an investment? Appropriate financing is indispensable! Verbeek Vastgoedfinanciering is happy to mediate for you and can apply for a mortgage with a construction deposit (if desired) from various lenders. This can be short-term financing to bridge the period until the zoning change or issuance of the building permit or long-term financing with a construction deposit.

Funding is available, for example, for:

  • Entrepreneurs who completely transform an existing property, cadastrically split it and then rent or sell it. Financing from purchase to completion can be arranged including a construction deposit
  • Developers constructing a new construction project. Also in this situation the financing is realized from the purchase of the land to its completion, i.e. including construction deposit
  • Transformation of an office or retail space, for example, into housing intended for rental or sale. There are financing options even if the building permit has not yet been issued!

Contact us to discuss the feasibility of project financing. You will soon hear what the possibilities are.

Even if the financing has already been realized and the project started, Verbeek Vastgoedfinanciering is happy to assist you. For example, if unforeseen circumstances arise. Do you need an expert to mediate between you and the lender in order to continue the project or redefine the terms in the interim? Then Verbeek Realty Financing is the right place for you.

All services provided by Verbeek Realty Finance are subject to the General Terms and Conditions.


Jan Verbeek

Ceres Street 13
4811 CA Breda

Caribbean Netherlands
Seru Grandi 73 (t.o. Mexico 68).
Kralendijk, Bonaire

T. NL (+31) 085-4835461 / Bon (+599) 795 1444

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Contact Info

Verbeek Vastgoedfinanciering B.V.

Ceresstraat 13
4811 CA Breda

Caribisch Nederland
Seru Grandi 73 (t.o. Mexico 68)
Kralendijk, Bonaire

T. NL (+31) 085-4835461 / Bon (+599) 795 1444

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